It was on Tuesday January 29, 1996 that St. John the Baptist Catholic school was born. The Society`s priory in the Johannesburg had already existed since 1986, at first in Randburg, then from 1992 in Roodepoort, where the town school had been purchased and converted into a church and priory. However, there were still several classrooms available. Some of the families had dreamt of a school. In fact it happened very rapidly, and was put together by Father Sebastian Wall in the period of one week, starting with one trained teacher and nine students, from first to fifth grade. The Prior, Father Gerspacher, tells of how he came back from two weeks in Cape Town to find out that his quiet priory had been transformed into a busy school, but was delighted with it. Thus was accomplished the mission contained in the Society`s statutes: “Schools, truly free and unfettered, able to bestow on youth a thoroughly Christian education, shall be fostered and, if need be, founded by the members of the Society. From these will come vocations and Christian homes” (Statutes III, 4).

St John the Baptist Catholic School is a Private School that embraces Traditional Catholic values and teachings. It is in how the students are required to dress and behave. It is in how we teach and the fact that the Mass and  Religion classes are part of our weekly schedule for students. It is in how we deal with the inevitable problems that will arise and how we celebrate the joys and accomplishments that are part of any school year.

We want our children to go out into the world as strong, moral adults, who know who they are and what they stand for and have a strong Faith.




Fostering Catholic Education and the growth of tomorrow's citizens