English: Classes are taught in English, therefore all children must become proficient in English as a first language. We insist on a high degree of neatness and correct spelling. School children will be taught to express their thoughts correctly and in a readable manner. The school gives attention to grammar and spelling.


Mathematics: Children are daily drilled on their multiplication tables and mental arithmetic, so that they exercise their minds and gain confidence with numbers.


Afrikaans and Zulu : These are the second languages taught at the school. Emphasis is placed on the spoken language.


Music/Singing: The children learn music and singing.


Art: Art is an important part of a child’s education.


Geography: Our aim is to give the children a good general background and a knowledge of South African and world geography.


History: We pay attention to South African history and also study European history.

Science and Environmental Studies: The children concentrate on those aspects of physical science that immediately surround and concern them. We hope to keep a balance between book learning and practical experimentation. It is taught that religion and science cannot be in contradiction, and consequently that the theory of evolution of the species is false.


Physical Education: The body must most certainly be exercised and the boys must have an outlet for their natural exuberance and to their competitiveness. The girls, on the other hand, must learn gracefulness of movement and a certain poise. Hence the aims and purpose of Physical Education for boys and girls are different, their classes are separate, as also their games during recreation. During the summer the children have swimming once a week. Parents should bear in mind the Church’s moral teaching when purchasing a swimming costume, which must be modest. The school costume will be black or red.