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April News

Dear parents of St. John the Baptist School students,

As we return to begin the second term of the year, allow me to wish you a blessed Easter season, and the joy and peace of our victoriously risen Saviour. I would like to give you a couple of reminders. The first concerns uniforms. They are important for school identity, for a sense of honour for the school, and for discipline.

The winter uniform is worn for the second and third terms, which means long trousers for the boys and the grey skirts for the girls. Boys and girls must both have the correct uniform jerseys, with the school badge sewn on. They are available from Sr. Merrel in the uniform store. The girls in Grades 8 and above must also wear a red vest. They have just been obtained and are available in the uniform store.

Furthermore, the school hats are a part of the girls` uniform. Since we have been out of stock of these hats for some months, there has been some slackness in this regard. However, Sr. Merrel now has these hats in stock in the uniform store. The hats must be worn for Mass, for morning line up, and for official occasions. They must also be named, for otherwise they are easily misplaced or lost. A small number of students do not have blazers at all or do not have blazers of the correct size. Please see Sr. Merrel to remedy this. We still have not been able to obtain a supply of school ties for the boys. In the meantime, they can wear any tie. However, they must be wearing a tie.

During the winter months, it is important that students wear warm underclothing, since we do not have effective heating in the classrooms. In general, it is not permitted to wear other coats or jackets or jerseys that are not school uniform. However, on very cold days, it is permitted to wear a heavy coat, provided that it is on top of the complete school uniform underneath, that is clearly visible. The girls may bring blankets on such days, but only to be used in the classroom.

Secondly, I remind you about the parent-teaching meetings this coming Friday. April 21 You can come at any time between 3:00 and 7:00 pm. Please make an effort to do so. All the teachers will be available, and are desirous of speaking with you. You are encouraged to bring your children`s report cards as well. Simply go from one teacher to another and wait outside the classroom until the teacher is free. Mr. Sibanda, Mr. Wermuch and Mr. Blose will be in the parish hall. I also will be available for any parents desirous of speaking with me.

Thirdly, I remind you that there will be no school on Thursday and Friday next week, April 27 & 28, nor on Monday May 1. You can be sure that the teachers will give your children homework for the long weekend.

Fourthly, the Roodepoort library is presently closed for remodelling, due to a leaky roof. This means that we cannot take our students there to borrow books at the present time, as we have been in the habit of doing. Consequently, I encourage you to take your children to your local library, so as to continue their reading, an essential part of the building up of their English skills. The closest libraries are in Horizon View shopping centre and in Florida.ril s

Finally the month of May is the month of the Blessed Virgin Mary, and we encourage each class to set up a May altar or to practise some special devotion to the Mother of God and our heavenly Queen. As a parish, we will be performing our annual May crowning ceremony at 9:30 am on Sunday May 7, the first Sunday of May, and we encourage all our school students to participate. Indeed we depend upon the all powerful intercession of our heavenly Mother to persevere in the work of education, as for our prayers and for the salvation of our souls.

Yours faithfully in Christ Our Risen Lord, and His Mother Mother,

Father Peter R. Scott


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