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News about 2nd Term

Dear parents of St. John the Baptist Catholic School,

As you are aware, our new school building, called Bosco House, is nearing completion. It has been entirely paid for by overseas sponsors, who have generously contributed to make it possible for our young people in South Africa to receive a thorough, high-level and profoundly Catholic education. However, once completed it needs to be fitted out, with tables, chairs, blackboards, cupboards, computers and learning materials.

Some parents have approached me with the desire to contribute in some small way. Hence was born the idea of St. John`s Parents Assocation. The purpose of this association is to raise funds for equipment and supplies for the school. Every private and non-for-profit school has such an organization. Until now, we have not had such an organization, and as a result our fundraisers have been very ineffective.

Consequently, I am happy to launch our St. John`s Parents Association with a meeting of all parents who are willing to attend. The meeting will take place at 9:30 am on Saturday June 24 here in the parish hall. All parents are invited and encouraged to attend. After the meeting a committee will be formed to help organize fundraisers. Parents will communicate with one another via a whatsapp group. The link to this is found on the school`s website, and the QR code can be found at the bottom of the second page of this letter.

The report cards for the second term will not be handed out on the last day of term, since tests and exams will continue to the very last day. They will be handed out on the first day of the third term, July 24. No individual parent-teacher meetings have been scheduled for the beginning of the third term. However, some of the teachers would like to have a meeting with all the parents of the students in their class. They will notify you of such a meeting, which will take place at 3:00 pm on the day chosen by the teacher.

We have a problem with the high school boys (Grades 7 – 11) arriving late for school. After they have been dropped off by their transports they wander the streets, and do not come immediately to the St. Joseph House. This is not only idle, but dangerous, and fosters poor discipline and a poor attitude, especially given that these boys are deliberately skipping assisting at the Mass or Rosary which is prayed before school. You will understand that we cannot tolerate boys wandering the streets of Roodepoort, and that we must put an end to such idleness.

Consequently, as of the beginning of next term, the school rule will change. Boys in Grades 7 – 11 will be required to be at school every day by 7:15 am. A leeway of 15 minutes will be allowed for tardy boys. However, the doors will be locked at 7:30 am, and no boy will be allowed to come to school who is not present by 7:30 am. The only exceptions that will be allowed will be when a parent or guardian has written a letter excusing a boy for late arrival, or when the transport driver himself comes and explains the reason why he arrived late with his student. In this way, you will know for sure that your boys are safe in the school and not wandering the streets or deliberating arriving late for school, skipping Mass or prayers. This new rule will come into effect on Monday July 24.

On the spiritual plane, I would also like to remind you of the feast of Corpus Christi, in which we celebrate the great mystery of the Blessed Sacrament, and adore the body and blood of Our Lord and God. Although this feast is celebrated on June 15, we will be solemnizing it this coming Sunday, June 18. We will be having a procession with the Blessed Sacrament around the block with Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament in the St. Joseph House. The Mass will be at 9:30 am and will be followed by the procession. Afterwards, there will be a parish lunch prepared by the men of the Holy Name Society. You and your children are all invited to attend the procession and the parish social gathering that will follow, that we might be united around the altar and amongst ourselves.

Finally, I have to announce that there will be a 10% increase in school fees next school year, the first such increase in many years. The annual fees for one student will increase to R 22,000. Parents who believe that this is too much stiill have the time to search for a school that is more reasonably priced. For those who chose to continue at St. John the Baptist, acceptation for 2018 is not automatic. Next month I will be sending you registration forms for 2018, which must be returned by September 15. Parents who are behind in paying fees will not receive a registration form, nor those whose children are failing. Students whose registration forms have not been returned by September 15 will lose their priority and will be accepted only after the many new students, that is if there is still space and the registration form is obtained from the school and duly completed and returned.

During this month of the Sacred Heart, I invite you to renew or make the enthronement of the Sacred Heart as King of your families, as He is king of St. John the Baptist School.

Yours faithfully in this all-loving and Sacred Heart of Jesus,

Father Peter R. Scott

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