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March 2018 - Newsletter


March 14, 2018

Dear parents of St. John the Baptist Catholic School,

I remind you that there are only two weeks remaining for the first term, and that the children are in the midst of their end of term tests. Please encourage them to study as well as they for these tests. The last day of term is Wednesday March 28. It is a half day, and will finish after Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament at 12:00 Noon, There will be an awards presentation for Grades R – 4 at 10:30 am. We do not issue report cards on the last day of term, since we want the students to work until the very end of the term, and so the teachers do not have time to finalize their grades. The report cards for the first term will be handed out on the first day of the second term, Tuesday April 10.

The honour of the school depends upon good behaviour. We have had some petty thefts, which we deplore, and which we are determined to take all means to root out, for they are incompatible with a Catholic school. Dress code and full uniform are also of the greatest importance. Right now we have already received a shipment of the girls` boater hats, that are available in the uniform store for R 320 each. Veils are availabale for R 20 for those girls who have misplaced their hats. The girls` skorts of all sizes are also available for their sport`s uniform. If your girls are lacking any of these items, please make an effort to procure them as soon as possible, for they are an obligatory part of the school uniform. We have not yet received the supply of school ties, and so the boys must wear any tie if they do not have a school tie.

Parents who have children in Grades R and 1 will have noticed that they no longer attend the 7:15 am Mass, even on school Mass days. The reason is that there is simply not enough space in the Church. When possible they assist at Mass at 11:25 am. However, the time from 7:15 – 8:00 am is not wasted. During this time they receive an additional class from their teachers, to make up for the class that they sometimes miss at 11:25 am. Consequently, we encourage you to make sure that they arrive at school by 7:15 or soon afterwards, so as not to fully take advantage of this opportunity.

If there are any errors in the attached statements, please do not hesitate to contact the office about those errors. It sometimes happens that an EFT is not recognized and not entered into your statement. The usual reason for this is that the reference is not sufficient. It must have the first and last names of the students for whom the fees are being paid. The first name alone usually does not suffice to identify the student, neither does the family name alone nor the name of the parent nor of the bank, and the cell number is also very difficult to identify. I would also like to remind you that bank charges for cash deposits sent via EFT have greatly increased this year and that consequently we have to pass them on to you by subtacting them from the payment.

Miss Pekelharing has taken photos of all the students in the school and of all the classes. We are happy to make these available to all of those who desire them. Prints of individual photos are R 10 each and of class photos are R 20 each. You will find an order form with this letter. If you are interested, please return the order form, indicating the number of each, along with the cash, to the classroom teacher. The classroom teacher will collect the orders and transmit them to Miss Pekelharing. The deadline for this is Tuesday March 20. Then the photos will be handed out to your children before the end of the term.

A further reminder is that Miss Pekelharing and the Society of Saint Andrew (SAS) are organizing two girls` camps during the Easter break, both to be held here at the school. The camp for the girls aged 13 – 16 years will be from March 29 – April 2 and for the girls aged 8 – 12 years from April 5 – 9. The charge will be R 250 per camper. Application and liability release forms are available in the school office.

Finally, this coming Monday is the feast of St. Joseph, patron of the universal Church. We will be celebrating him and St. Patrick, Apostlle of Ireland, whose feast is on Saturday, by a special parish banquet at the St. Joseph House on Sunday March 18 at 12:00 Noon, after the High Mass. You are all invited to attend, and to enjoy the Irish entertainment. The cost is R 35 per person or R 100 per family.

We owe St. Joseph a great deal, since it has been through his constant intercession that the school has been able to grow with the purchase of the St. Joseph House and the construction of Sarto House and Bosco House over the past three years, all of which would have been humanly impossible. We will be honouring St. Joseph with a High Mass on his feast day. Join us in thanking and begging him for his ongoing protection and help for the school, that we might imitate his humility, his spirit of self-sacrifice and his sense of responsibility.

May this Holy Week unite us all to the sufferings and Passion of our Divine Saviour, so that at Easter we can rejoice in His glorious resurrection from the dead, the assurance of our own hope of a blessed eternity in heaven.

Yours faithfully in Jesus, Mary and Joseph,

Father Peter R. Scott


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