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February 2018 - Newsletter


February 16, 2018

Dear parents of St. John the Baptist Catholic School,

Homework has already become a problem. Some students in various classes are not getting their homework done, and not on time. This problem concerns yourselves as well as us. Without the personal effort of homework done by the students themselves, they will never develop the initiative to do well. It is fundamental that all parents review their children`s homework, and not once but several times a week. This applies to the high school students as well as to the primary school students.

Children who do not complete their homework will be punished in various ways, not excluding detention after school, despite the grave inconvenience that this causes to transport drivers and to parents. Prevent this problem by overseeing your children`s homework. Ensure that it is complete, thorough and neat. Remember that sometimes homework consists in studying for a test or learning spelling words. Do not accept the false statement that your child has no homework.

We encourage parents to visit the school and to speak with the teachers. The best time for this is after school, from 2:15 until 3;00 pm. However, your dress when you come must be consistent with traditional Catholic standards of modesty, as with the school uniform. Ladies must be wearing a skirt or a dress, and not slacks or pants, and the dress must not be a miniskirt, nor with a low neckline nor with the shoulders uncovered. Over the summer months, there were many who did not follow these basic rules of Catholic courtesy. Please pay attention, for deep down they are a question of reverence for God, and for the body as the temple of the Holy Ghost..

Upcoming in March we have two events to which I would like to invite you. The first is a poetry recitation competition. It will take place in the hall of the St. Joseph`s House and all the high schoolers are encouraged to participate. It will start at 6:00 pm on Wednesday March 14, and last for about one hour. All parents and students are invited to attend.

Secondly we are organizing a parish luncheon for the joint feasts of St. Patrick and St. Joseph, to take place at 11:30 am on Sunday March 18, after the High Mass. In fact, the feast of St. Patrick is the day before, on March 17, and the feast of St. Joseph, the day after, March 19. As well as thanking St. Joseph for all the blessings that we have received, it will be the opportunity for us to appreciate a little Irish culture, in honour of St. Patrick. The luncheon will cost R 35 per adult, R 20 for children, and R 100 per family. It will include a three course meal and drinks. Everybody will be encouraged to wear something green, in honor of the Isle of saints and St. Patrick. Furthermore, we are looking to put on some good Irish entertainment, and would appreciate any suggestions that will help in that direction.

Finally, I remind you that Lent is the time of spiritual combat, and that you should encourage your children to be particularly regular with their prayers, sacrifices and confessions. The Way of the Cross, that we celebrate every Friday during Lent, is a beautiful devotion to help unite ourselves to Jesus Crucified.

Yours faithfully in the Sacred Heart of Jesus,

Father Peter R. Scott


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