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June 2018 Newsletter


June 14, 2018

Dear parents of St. John the Baptist Catholic School,

The last day of this term is Friday June 22. It is a half day, with Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament at 11:30 am and dismissal at 12:00 Noon. Please make arrangement to have your children picked up as soon as possible after 12:00 Noon. It is, by the way, an obligatory school day. Grades 5 and above will have some form of assessment in the morning. Grades 4 and below will have the usual end of term prize giving. Clearly any students who are absent are not eligible to receive a prize.

The first day of the third term is Tuesday July 17. Report cards for the second term will be handed out on the first day of the third term. The reason for this is that our assessments continue up until the very last day of the term, to fully utilize the teaching time that is given to us. The report cards, therefore, can only be prepared during the vacation break. However, I will try and have them all completed by July 3, so that you can come in and pick them up early if you so desire.

I have been asked about the registration for 2019. It is by invitation. I will be issuing registration letters for 2019 in September, during the third term. Students who have passing grades and whose parents are up to date on paying school fees will be invited to return for 2019, and will receive a registration form. Others will not receive it. There is no cost for registration. Our class sizes for 2019 will be 20 students. Quite a few new students have already applied and been accepted. Only the first 20 to register for each class will be accepted.

Next term, we will be extending our music program. Miss Cordeiro will be coming in two days a week instead of one, so that all grades in the school will have one music class per week. In addition, Miss Cordeiro is offering private guitar lessons after school for those who are interested.

Last month, I mentioned the after school care program that we plan to begin next term. The purpose of the after care program is to provide a safe environment for your children, and constructive, educational activities adapted to their age. From 3:00 – 6:00 pm younger children will have supervised play and games and older children will have supervised study hall. We will keep a ratio of one supervisor for every 5 – 10 children. Pick up will be by 6:00 pm at St. Joseph House, where the program will take place. The cost will be R 600 per month per child, but for the first month of July it will only be R 300, since it is a half month. Payment will be made with the school fees. If you are interested, contact the school office for the sign up forms.

Last month, I mentioned that we have St. John the Baptist School school bags available, wth the school emblem and the photo of your child, to identify the owner of the bag. Samples are now available in the school office for you to see. The large high school bag costs R 250 and the smaller primary school bag costs R 200. Payment has to be made ahead of time at the school office. Then we will send the photo (already on our computer) and the funds and the bags will be made up within two weeks.

Those of you who have children in Grade R will have realized that Mrs. Johnston has retired and that Mrs. Ncube has taken her place teaching Grade R along with Mrs. Wilkins. We have implemented a new program of phonics and numeracy. In addition, we plan to move the two Grade R classes next term to the ground floor of Sarto House. In this way, they will have two adjoining classrooms, which will facilitate supervision and joint activities. Moreover, these rooms will be exclusively used for Grade R and will be able to be specifically adapted to Kindergarten use by means of decorations and a variety of play activities.

Our preparation for the Cambridge International Examinations in High School is advancing well. Two of our students sat exams in May, and many of our 10th and 11th grade students will be sitting IGCSE exams in the October and November sittings. We verify first that the students are capable, by means of many past exams. The cost is around R 1,800 per subject.

During the winter vacation break the teachers will be absent. However, I will be here if you need to speak with me. We will be preaching Ignatian retreats for two of these three weeks. They are a great opportunity of developping one`s interior life and love of God, of rejuvenating fervour in prayers, and of finding once more the presence of God that we so often neglect in our very busy daily lives. Flyers at the entrance to the church explain these wonderful five day spiritual exercises and you are welcome to join us if you are free and wish to do so. It is not necessary to be a parishioner, or even a Catholic, to profit from them.

Yours faithfully in Christ Our Lord, for the greater glory of God.

Father Peter R. Scott


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