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St John the Baptist Transport Program


Due to difficulties in sharing transports with other schools, St. John the Baptist has taken the responsibility of organizing transports for all students who do not have private or public transportation readily avaialble. The transports will consist of taxis operated by our school parents, and eventually of a bus if needed. They will only transport students of St. John the Baptist School. Children will be brought immediately to school by approved drivers, and then returned immediately after school, leaving at 3:00 pm.

We encourage all students who need transport to use this service. The cost will be the standard cost for transports, depending upon the distance, and payment will be made to the drivers. If parents complete the form below, we will be able to assign the children to the driver who will be picking up in their area. However, if parents would like to contact directly the drivers they may do so. Mr. Dumisani Nkosi will be responsible for Soweto. He can be contacted at 078-054-8981. Mr. Donald Chiyangwa will be taking care of Florida, Fleurhof and parts of Roodepoort. He can be contacted on 073-247-3971. Mrs. Felicia Chauke will be taking care of Tshepisong, Witpoortjie and Roodepoort, and can be contacted on 072-507-5992.

Please complete the attached form with the relevant information to enable us to organize adequately this transport program.

Name(s) of student(s)

Residential address

Parent or Guardian 1

Name & cell no.

Parent or Guardian 2

Name & cell no.

E-mail address

I, _____________________________, father/mother/grandparent/guardian of


confirm that I want the above listed children to participate in the St. John the Baptist transport program, and I promise to be regular in the necessary payments.

_________________________________ _________________

(Signed) (Date)

(Signed) (Date)

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